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Hi there!

  My name is Oksana Yatsevska. I am an interior designer, and I've been working in this field for over 17 years. I grew up in a family of architects. My father is an architect with a perfect sense of style and my grandfather was an engineer, so architecture and design have been in my blood since childhood. I started to help my father with architectural and design projects when I was 18.

   I received my architectural degree from Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in Ukraine.

  Then, I worked for a few architectural and building companies where I gained experience in public and apartment building designs. I also spent time designing the interiors of shops, offices, trade centers, cafes, and private residences in Ukraine.

  I visited many architectural and design exhibitions held in Ukraine and different countries. The EXPO 2010 in Shanghai was one of the largest exhibitions. Every new city I visited inspires me to create new and interesting designs.

  When I moved to California in 2015, this beautiful place and people encouraged me to chose the one direction in my career, residential design. Also, I made a decision to concentrate on modern and contemporary styles only, which has helped me a lot to enjoy what I do. :)

  I opened my own studio, Design 4 Bay Area, and for almost 5 years, my team and I have been helping families to create the homes of their dreams.

  We will be more than happy to guide you as well!

  With best wishes,




    Creating the emotional and unusual photographs, editing them and looking at the finished prints delights me!

   My first goal is to create unique photographs, which let the viewer’s eyes linger on the picture. The second goal is the high quality of the image. All prints with smooth tones and rich colors are made with care in the professional lab which creates the highest quality professional photo products, including prints, canvas prints, metal prints, thin wraps, acrylic prints, wall displays, and more.

    The only instrument I use for creating photographs is my smartphone. Usually people don’t believe me when they see the high quality photo print 26x20 inches. But yes, it’s true. With the smartphone and several mobile apps I create all my art. Generally at the initial stage of the photo process, taking the picture, I already know what app and filters, adjustments I will apply to the certain photo.  This is very breathtaking process with the gorgeous serious results.




  Dana was born in a small town Novopolotsk, Republic of Belarus.In 2006 she entered the Belarusian National Technical University at the Faculty of Architecture.

  During her study Dana participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions, in which she won prizes. In 2011, she won in Student Design Competition and a trip to Holland. In the same year, her thesis project "Multipurpose Youth Center of Leisure and Creativity in Minsk" received the highest score of the examination committee and was selected to participate in the National Competition of Student's Diploma Projects, where he won ΙΙΙ degree Diploma and two special prizes from the organizers. After graduation, Dana she started her master's degree of the same university. Then she worked as an architect in OOO "Mostovik BEL".

   In 2013, Dana and her husband moved to California in Bay Area, USA where they are up to now. In addition to the great passion to architecture and design, Dana is engaged in different kinds of creativity - oil, acrylic, watercolor painting, and continues to experiment with different techniques and materials.



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